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Our lovely Baby's Pack is provided to those coming into the refuge/shelter specifically with babies or toddlers (under the age of 3) on request by the Refuge.  In addition, each Mother also receives a Mum's Pack for her own care.  Essential items for a Baby's Pack include: Baby Bath Wash, Disposable Wipes, Bib, Baby Blanket, Baby Sipper cup.  Other items may include: (subject to donation availability and age specific) magazine, socks/booties, baby hat, toddler plate, toddler cutlery, baby hairbrush, a baby toy e.g. rattle etc.  

Each Refuge also receives a box of nappies with sizes to fit "Crawler, Toddler and Walker" for both boys and girls, that the Refuge Manager allocates out to those in need of nappies.

Photos are indicative only as product varies based on donations received.

For our little ones


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