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Our Mission:

I Got Your Back Pack (IGYBP) is a non-profit initiative and registered NZ charity that was established in 2016, in support of Women’s Refuge.  We now also partner with both Shine and Shakti safehouses and support other independent shelters on a case-by-case basis.

IGYBP provides emergency care packs filled with practical and essential items to the most critical cases of women and children (survivors of domestic violence) going through refuges nationwide,    We also provide men’s and age specific babies packs .

Why Care Packs?

Most families in crisis circumstances have had to leave their homes with very little (if any) personal possessions.

I Got Your Back Pack believes that gifting a care pack filled with practical and essential items to each parent and child staying in a safehouse, goes a long way towards easing some of their distress and provide, especially for the children, some much needed positive and comforting distractions in these early days of upheaval and change within their lives. 

What's the Need for Packs?

Honestly, the numbers are pretty daunting, but with your help we can achieve a lot together. 

I Got Your Back Pack -Newshub 2017

The stats for Women’s Refuge (2018/19) show that they provided 61,066 bed nights in safehouses, for around 32,317 women and children over a one-year period.  Sadly, these numbers are estimated to increase by 15%+ by 2022  


Background Information


I Got Your Back Pack (IGYBP) was founded by a survivor of domestic violence who went through (with her young daughter) one of the Women’s refuge safehouses. Forced to leave with nothing she found it extremely difficult to not have basic toiletries like a toothbrush or something to give her daughter e.g. toy or reading book.

A small team of volunteers operates IGYBP from a donated packing station (Silverdale) however all administration, communication and fundraising efforts are run from the volunteers homes. 



How are you funded?


Most of our $ funding is by individual donation, fundraisers and corporate donations with the bulk of our goods for packs donated (approx. 80%).

We have recently been awarded some grant funding which will be used to purchase the essential supplies in bulk /lower price points to ensure we can stretch our funding further and help as many NZ families as possible.   We have no guaranteed ongoing funding.



How does it work?


The refuge’s place “orders” with us, which we fill and deliver to them nationwide.  Our deliveries are usually made by volunteers who generously donate their time and vehicle running costs.  

The backpacks are then given to those considered most critical going through the safe houses and shelters. 

Whats in the packs?


Our BASE Packs include:

Parent packs are filled with essential items e.g. various toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo bars, deodorant, tissues, soap, disposable razor and, sanitary for women, a toiletry bag, hairbrush, 2x coffee sachet, etc in a canvas tote bag for women (suitable for shopping) or a backpack for men. 

The children’s packs include a toothbrush, a cuddly toy, an age appropriate/gender specific toy, activity/colouring book, colouring pencils, reading book in a backpack (suitable for kindy or school use).

Men’s packs include male toiletries: packed in a backpack, comb, work socks, drink bottle, shaving razors, tissues, and a toiletry bag. (support for Men in other shelters as the need arises).

Babies packs include baby specific toiletries, bib, facecloth, wipes, blanket, cup, hat/beanie and other items as donated e.g. NEW baby clothes, melamine plate, baby cutlery, rusk or baby food etc.   
We also provide a mixed box of nappy sizes to each refuge for the Refuge Manager to distribute out appropriately for sizing.

All packs (except babies) include a healthy snack. We also include a note of encouragement for every pack along with a journal and pen (for parent packs) to assist them in their personal journey through this time of crisis. 

Other items are included in each pack depending on what is donated including small unused hotel/travel toiletries and other special treats. 

See what our most URGENT product requirements are for this quarter.  We have several public product collection points here.


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