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More than a back pack

We believe in the power and impact of thoughtful touches when survivors have left their homes and are starting anew. Little things that we can sometimes take for granted can be the hand up for those who’ve made the tough decision to break free.


Packs with a purpose

IGYBP provides emergency care packs filled with practical and essential items to the most critical cases of women and children - survivors of domestic violence - going through refuges nationwide. We also provide mens and age specific baby packs, packed with consideration and care.

I Got Your Back Pack is a non-profit initiative and registered New Zealand charity that was established in 2016, in support of Women’s Refuge. We also partner with both Shine and Shakti safehouses and support other independent shelters on a case-by-case basis.

The story behind
our packs

I Got Your Back Pack was founded by a survivor of domestic violence who went through one of the Women’s Refuge safe houses with her young daughter. Forced to leave with nothing, the already exceptionally difficult situation was made tougher by having no basic toiletries or anything comforting to give her daughter. Hence the “small” concept to make a big difference came about, with every pack offering hope, encouragement and care, bundled together with essentials for some normality in a time of upheaval.


A small team of volunteers operates IGYBP from a donated packing station in Silverdale. All administration, communication and fundraising efforts however are run from our volunteer’s homes. We are so grateful for the time and space given to ensure we can continue to support those in need.


Why care packs?

Most families in crisis circumstances have had to leave their homes with very little, if any, personal possessions.


We believe that gifting a care pack filled with practical and essential items to each parent and child staying in a safehouse, goes a long way towards easing some of their distress and provides, especially for the children, some much needed positive and comforting distractions in these early days of unrest and change within their lives. Toiletries and treats might seem a small token, but when you are starting afresh in the toughest of times, it’s the little things that offer hope and the knowledge that you are loved and supported.

Why does it matter?

Every 5

Police respond to incidents of family violence. Those are the ones reported. 

49,002 referrals made​

to Women’s Refuge over a one year period (2020/21).

1 in 3

will experience physical or sexual assault from a partner in their lifetime.

Rows of colourful backpacks

Find out how our pack orders work and what’s involved. 

Volunteer standing in front of car loaded with packs

There are many ways you can make a difference in the lives of survivors. See how you can help our mission.

5 women hold hands on the beach.

Find out what’s been going on lately at I Got Your Back Pack on our blog. 

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