Our team

I Got Your Back Pack is made up of a passionate and hardworking team. Our team of volunteers and trustees work hard to make the world a little better for the people who need a hand. 


Liane Koutris

Finance Officer, Admin, Events, Fundraising, Packing, the works!

My working background includes finance, insurance and admin experience, and I bring this to the work that I do with IGYBP. I have always really wanted to be involved with people and do something that makes a difference, and so I am currently studying psychology to take this to the next stage.

I am passionate about people’s wellbeing (emotional, mental and physical) and love being part of a team dedicated to such a caring and nurturing vision. Letting people know that we care and want to help motivates me to do this every day; everyone who has been through trauma deserves to know they are not alone and to feel supported.

I’m inspired by the support we have had so far — by individuals, businesses and other organisations — and how much we have grown since Anita began making care packs by herself. I am really looking forward to seeing how much more we can do and how far we can spread the love.


Melanie Jack

Packing, delivery, support, safe haven organisation, the list goes on!

I am a qualified Kindergarten and Primary School teacher I have been lucky enough to teach in New Zealand and overseas. I am also drawn in to Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation and love the ever-evolving learning journey this leads me. Growing up my Mum always instilled the attitude of respect, gratitude, kindness and giving back. Taking this onboard I have been so fortunate to become involved with three charity organisations; I Got Your Back Pack, Love Soup and Yarnteeze. 

I have been involved with IGYBP since 2018 after following with absolute admiration for what Anita sought to achieve. With her passion, drive and determination she has developed this charity to where it is today. I have loved being part of the IGYBP family packing packs, boxing them up and driving them to different refuges around the upper half of the north island. 

I feel very privileged to be part of the organisational team for IGYBP’s safe haven and to volunteer in the house working with the courageous families that choose to stay with us as part of their healing journey.
To know through feedback the simple items in our packs sent out send out a message to those individuals that people do care and that they are important truly means so much to me. We collate not only purchased goods but also goods that have been donated and they are encased with so much love from so many donors who really do care! Our packs are literally spilling over with the love that is encased in each and every pack. Being part of such a purposeful, positive, and genuine team is such an honour for not only myself but my whole family who are also very much part of the I Got Your Back Pack team.  

Our board

Ninakaye stands in front or a car loaded up with bags to go to a refuge.

Ninakaye Taanetinorau

Manager of Tikidub Productions Ltd


Brent Burridge

Content Operations Manager at Mediaworks Rodney / Video Podcast Content Creator Love Live Local


Katrina Elton

Creative Director, Many Talents Media