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We provide care and
supplies to survivors 
of domestic violence. 

12,832 packs provided to survivors so far
(to end of 2021) 

Over 4100 packs in 2021

A little piece of hope.

The feeling of receiving something new of your own, when you’ve left everything behind. A storybook to read to your children when you’re putting them to bed in a strange place. A toothbrush to help make you feel a little bit normal.

A message of understanding, hope and love. It’s these seemingly simple things which can make the world of difference.


I Got Your Back Pack provides emergency care packs to New Zealanders who have left a domestic violence situation and are going through refuges, often without the chance or

ability to pack and bring their belongings.

Learn more about our mission and how you can help.

Testimonial from a safe house client, 2021


It was the one year anniversary a couple of days ago since I found myself, pregnant and with my eldest son in a refuge with nothing but a broken everything. It was the absolute worst time of my life…. but the feeling I got when I saw the bag on what became my bed for more nights than I care to think of, I simply cannot describe. 


It was exactly what I needed at a time I had no idea where to even begin to think of what I would possibly need. 


I saw it and I cried, finally, it gave me hope in an odd way, I still have the bag and the note that was attached.

Thank you to our wonderful supporters

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